Licence Plate Recognition

Theft Prevention

Unusual Object Detection

Emergency Detection

CCTV cameras are widely used for safety and security purposes in many industries nowadays. But manual monitoring is prone to error, and constant monitoring of multiple screens is beyond the capability of an individual. Security and Monitoring Suite solves these problems by constantly monitoring screen images, and detecting targeted objects or abnormal behaviors. Cordatus also sends instant alerts on your device allowing you to prevent any security threats before they occur.

How it Works?

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Security of an area starts at the very entrance of the premise. It is important to let the allowed vehicles in while blocking the blacklisted vehicles. With its sophisticated AI algorithms, Security and Monitoring Suite detects the license plates of the vehicles at the gate and opens the gate if the vehicle is allowed.

Cordatus can detect the vehicles at the gate and analyze their license plates and open the gate for the allowed vehicles. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying remote controllers for the gates (such as losing them, dead batteries, connection problems, etc.) with Cordatus.

Cordatus has the ability to keep the gate closed for the blacklisted vehicles and send alerts to designated devices. Also it can send an alert if a vehicle waits longer than a preset time. Users can manage their lists easily by adding or removing License Plates using user-friendly interface.

Besides adding or removing license plates to lists instantly, users can keep a record of the visiting vehicles and conduct searches when needed (optional). With the help of Cordatus, you can spare the guard at the gate for more productive activities.

Intrusion Detection and Theft Prevention

Protect different areas within the perimeter of your region of interest and overcome the limitations of individual based monitoring.

Cordatus conducts constant monitoring of your security cameras, 7/24 in all weather and daylight conditions, detects intruders instantly and sends alerts to designated devices.

In addition to monitoring restricted areas (electrical rooms, swimming pools after closing time, etc.) and get notified in case of unwelcomed individuals attempt to enter, Cordatus ensures that only allowed people are present in these areas to conduct their designated tasks.

Cordatus prevents theft by monitoring parking, bike parking areas or storage units and sends alerts if a foreigner attempt to enter after a predefined time. It also detects suspicious people, such as with covered face or an helmet, and sends notifications to responsible authorities.

Unusual Object/Case Detection

Secure the lives of residents or workers by detecting unusual objects or cases instantly in your region of interest.

Cordatus has the ability to detect suspicious abandoned objects such as luggage, bags, or packages and to send instant notifications. With Cordatus, you can prevent vehicles from moving in the wrong direction by continuously monitoring the drive ways.

With Cordatus you can prevent dog attacks by spotting stray dogs and keep your area safe for public. You can also detect vehicle accidents, and send notifications to responsible authorities.

Cordatus ensures the passenger’s lifts and goods lifts are used properly by sending alerts if misuse is detected. Besides, with Cordatus, you have the ability to not let children use elevators without an adult accompanying them.

Cordatus can detect visitors waiting at the gate more than expected and notify the guard to let them in. It also notifies users if a guard or employee engages with a mobile phone more than a preset time.

Emergency Detection

Early detection of emergency events is a life-saving advantage. Most emergencies can be prevented if detected within the first few minutes. Security and Monitoring Suite constantly monitors designated areas and alerts you in case of an emergency as it begins to occur.

Cordatus has the ability to detect fire or smoke immediately after they have started and lets users take necessary steps before the threat has grown. It can also monitor swimming pools constantly and sends notifications if a person is in danger of drowning allowing users to take action immediately.

Cordatus notifies users if a person falls down and remains motionless enabling them to deliver first aid within minutes. It also sends an instant alert if an arms or small weapon is detected before an assault occurs.

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