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Combine Industrial and Manufacturing Suite with your existing CCTV for reduced loss prevention, better work safety, and environment control. Cordatus enables factory management to make data-driven decisions through real-time and automated data collection and analysis to maximize the quality, predictability, and productivity of the manufacturing processes. By analyzing insights, factories will avoid unexpected costs, production disruptions, and accidents. This will improve the workforce’s health and safety and lower incident rates.

How it Works?

Quality Control and Workforce Monitoring

Anomalies and defects are unavoidable and costly in the manufacturing industry. Besides, a manual quality check is extremely tedious and may lead to continuous errors. In addition to the constant control of the workforce, Industrial and Manufacturing Suite allows you to automate these processes with unbeatable accuracy resulting in fewer slowdowns and increased ROI.

Wity Cordatus you can automate the quality control and defect and anomaly detection processes to reduce costs, and increase efficiencies throughout the entire production line. This automation allows freed-up personnel to be allocated in more productive areas, resulting in increased ROI.

Cordatus ensures that key personnel are available in their designated areas and oversee the employees responsible to him/her. It also monitors the entire work flow and sends notifications if there is no sufficient workers in designated areas.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Detection

Most safety violations in factories pertain to inadequate use of personal protective equipment (PPE). With Cordatus, you can track PPE compliance in real-time and get immediate alerts for infractions to reduce injuries and incident rates.

Cordatus can monitor and alert in case of infractions for;

  • Skin protection (e.g. protective clothing)
  • Respiratory protective equipment (RPE)
  • Eye protection (e.g. goggles)(RPE)
  • Head protection (e.g. safety helmets)
  • Ear protection (e.g. earplugs)
  • Foot protection (e.g. steel toecap boots)
  • Hand and arm protection (e.g. gloves)
  • Body protection (e.g. high-visibility clothing)
  • Fall protection (e.g. safety harnesses), or
  • Any custom protection you require.

Access Control

It is crucial in factory premises to manage and limit access to restricted areas all the time. Only allowed vehicles should enter and operate in certain zones to prevent accidents. While this management is hard to maintain with traditional means, Industrial and Manufacturing Suite allows you to conduct this control on premises in a fully automated manner.

Cordatus uses face recognition to unlock restricted areas only for the authorized staff. It also allows users to keep the record of the entering and leaving times of their employees.

Cordatus can detect the vehicles at the gate and analyze their license plates and open the gate for the allowed vehicles. In addition, it also keeps the gate closed for the blacklisted vehicles and sends alerts to designated devices.

Besides adding or removing license plates to lists instantly, users can keep a record of the visiting vehicles and conduct searches when needed (optional). With the help of Cordatus, you can spare the guard at the gate for more productive activities.

Cordatus detects the cars parked in prohibited areas and sends instant notifications to designated devices. It also ensures that vehicles such as forklifts stay in their designated zones and alerts responsible people if they attempt to leave.

Unusual Object/Case Detection

To maintain a safe working environment in production areas, it is crucial to detect abnormal and anomalous actions and behaviors instantly, so that the management can take necessary steps to avoid further escalations. That is what Industrial and Manufacturing Suite exactly offers to you to keep your area of responsibility safe and secure.

With Cordatus you can constantly monitor the usage of equipment and get notified in case they are not used properly (Forklifts only carry boxes, drivers do not leave the vehicle when it is running etc.). Cordatus also ensures that the vehicles do not move in the wrong direction by continuously monitoring the forklifts or drive ways.

When it is dangerous, users can detect running people with Cordatus and ensure that they obey the safety rules. Cordatus also has the ability to detect speeding vehicles and it ensures that they obey the speeding limits to prevent accidents.

Cordatus can detect suspicious or recklessly abandoned objects (on-prem or outside) such as luggage, bags, or packages, and send instant notifications. It also sends an instant alert if an arms or small weapon is detected before an assault occurs.

Emergency Detection

Early detection of emergency events is a life-saving advantage. Most emergencies can be prevented if detected within the first few minutes. Industrial and Manufacturing Suite constantly monitors designated areas and alerts you in case of an emergency as it begins to occur.

Cordatus has the ability to detect fire or smoke immediately after they have started and lets users take necessary steps before the threat has grown. It also conducts constant monitoring of your security cameras, 7/24 in all weather and daylight conditions.

With Cordatus you can detect intruders instantly and get alerts to your designated devices in such cases. Cordatus ensures the safety of the premises at all times by constantly monitoring the perimeter of the facility.

You can ensure that vehicles in the production area operate a preset distance away from the employees with Cordatus to prevent injuries. Cordatus also notifies users if a person falls down and remains motionless enabling them to deliver first aid within minutes.

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