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Cordatus is an Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) program that analyzes raw camera footage, generates real-time and actionable data, and lets owners optimize their businesses accordingly in many different sectors. With Cordatus, you can go beyond traditional video security, make real-time and data-driven decisions, and improve control, efficiency, and safety across all your locations. Be one step ahead of your competitors by harnessing the power of Intelligent Video Analytics with Cordatus.


How Cordatus Works

Cordatus constantly analyzes the existing camera visions at the edge using sophisticated algorithms and detects the objects or actions of your choice. You can view the data generated by Cordatus in various charts and graphics to improve your decision-making process. Besides, you can get instant alerts for specific occasions you set.

Why You Need Cordatus

Cordatus is a monitoring and security system unmatched by your staff. You can solve your security problems easily with our constantly watching security guard. In addition, you can increase your ROI by reducing the waiting times at checkouts, adjusting your staff  during peak hours, and presenting personalized ads for your customers.

Why Cordatus is Better

Professional developers created Cordatus by consulting industry representatives to address their needs. We partner with market leaders such as NVIDIA to create our hardware. Cordatus is easy to maintain, requires no code, and integrates existing CCTV. With its great customer service, Cordatus is the best AI inference platform in the market.

Robust Partnership with NVIDIA

Cordatus proudly partners with Nvidia, delivering exceptional performance and capabilities in the field of AI and computer vision. As a valued member of the Nvidia Metropolis program, we are at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our solutions provide cutting-edge technologies for advanced video analytics and intelligent applications. Join us in revolutionizing the future of AI-powered software with our trusted partnership with Nvidia.

Cordatus seamlessly integrates with Nvidia Deepstream SDK to power your Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) needs. Experience the pinnacle of IVA performance with Cordatus, harnessing the full potential of Nvidia’s powerful technology. Unlock real-time video analysis, object detection, and more, with Cordatus at the helm, ensuring your IVA applications run smoothly and efficiently.

Deploy Your Model in 3-Steps


Easy Integration

Cordatus Intelligent Video Analytics Easy Integration

Cordatus is extremely easy to integrate. It can be combined with your existing CCTV setup or IP Cameras easily and provides seamless intelligent video analysis results instantly.

Serverless Architecture

Cordatus Intelligent Video Analytics Serverless Architecture

Cordatus requires no server or internet connection to run when configured to do so. You can deploy and use Cordatus at the edge with your hardware in remote areas that have no internet connection.

Live Analytics

Cordatus Intelligent Video Analytics Live Analytics

Collect real-time  data to provide a better understanding of your region of interest. Improve performance or security by harnessing the power of AI and advanced analytics.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Cordatus Intelligent Video Analytics Data-Driven Decision Making

With real-time analytics, Cordatus enables you to make data-driven decisions. Thus, you can boost your sales or prevent security threats based on accurate data.

Real-Time Alerts

Cordatus Intelligent Video Analytics Real Time Alerts

Get instant alerts on your device for the occasions you set. This allows you to take instant action based on real-time data and intervene immediately if an emergency occurs.

100% Privacy

Cordatus Intelligent Video Analytics 100% Privacy

Cordatus is designed to be fully compliant with GDPR to prevent privacy and confidentiality issues. You can opt to record no personal data or use blurring effects to be fully anonymous.



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