Cordatus is an AI platform that can run on every device. You can easily create Deep Learning environments without hassling. You can turn your cameras to AI cameras with Cordatus Optimized Deep Learning algorithms.

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Endowed with Intelligence

Convert any Camera into AI Enabled Device

  • Turn all cameras connected your
    Cordatus installed device into AI enabled device!
  • Grab the frame, inference on any device with Cordatus installed
    and track the result from anywhere you want!
  • Your CSI cameras and IP cameras included!
  • Even your cell phone camera
    can be turned in AI enabled camera!

Work Remotely
on Your Jupyter Notebooks

  • Deploy Jupyter Notebooks on your edge devices or servers from the web.
  • Create public URLs for your remote Jupyter Notebooks and access from anywhere.
  • Secure your Jupyter environments with passwords or generate secure tokens for them within Cordatus.

Manage your AI Environments

  • Create and manage your both
    AI environments and applications easily within one page.
  • Start developing your own AI algorithms
    on top of ready-to-run state of the art AI applications.
  • Build your own custom AI applications from scratch with hardware-optimized Machine Learning/Deep Learning library environments such as Tensorflow and PyTorch with one-click.
  • Customize and share your
    AI environments and applications with others!
Tensorflow PyTorch Keras OpenCV ONNX DLib MXNet Caffe2

Manage Your
Local & Remote Devices

  • Get current system information
    of your both local and remote devices.
  • Restart or shutdown your devices using your web browser easily.

Monitor Your
Local & Remote Devices

  • Monitor CPU, GPU and RAM usages of your PCs, workstations, servers and NVIDIA Jetsons in real-time.
  • Get usage metrics from both
    web interface or GUI application easily.
  • Easily switch between performance modes of your local or remote NVIDIA Jetson platform from your web browser.

Ready-to-Run AI Applications

  • Deploy state of the art classification, object detection and semantic segmentation applications developed by Facebook AI Research, NVIDIA and more on your devices.
  • Experiment with ready-to-run optimized open-source AI applications from both NVIDIA Jetson Projects and GitHub.

Cordatus Inference Engine

  • Utilize USB, CSI-MIPI and IP cameras with Cordatus Inference Engine on PCs, workstations, servers and NVIDIA Jetsons and see inference results in your web browser.
  • Experiment with TensorRT-optimized Tensorflow Object Detection API, Yolo V3, Face Detection and Covid-19 Mask Detection models in 3-steps;
    - Choose your camera,
    - Choose a pre-trained model,
    - Choose a processing device.
  • Process any local or remote stream from any camera on your PCs, workstations, servers and NIVIDA Jetsons.


You can simply download and deploy all the popular
Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Computer Vision libraries
on your local & remote devices without installing or building from source.


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