AI Platform that runs on every devices.

Beta Version

Convert any Camera into AI Enabled Device

Turn all cameras connected your Cordatus installed device
into AI enabled device!

Your CSI cameras and IP cameras included!

Even your cell phone camera can be turned in AI enabled camera!

Manage your AI Environments

Easily create and manage your AI environments.

Optimized Deep Learning libraries like Tensorflow and PyTorch are just a one click away!

Customize and share your environments with others.

Tensorflow PyTorch Keras DLib OpenCV Python

Manage and Monitor Your Remote Devices

Access and control your connected devices using a web browser from anywhere, anytime.

Ready-to-Run AI Applications

Deploy ready-to-run classification, object detection and semantic segmentation sample AI applications.

Run on any camera including your Cell Phone cameras, CSI Cameras and IP Cameras!

Windows 10

Coming Soon

Ubuntu 18.04


Jetson Devices


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